Red Seguridad is constantly looking for the latest security systems in order to improve our service. We provide simple, efficient and high-performance systems to our customers, selecting carefully the best solution for each application according to our large experience in the field.

Daitem: Proven twin band totally autonomous 4-group wireless alarm systems…
Paradox: Grade 3 protection systems, available both in cable- and wireless versions.
Videofied: Integrated wireless autonomous systems including alarm event verification through video.
The communication between your security system and the Alarm Monitoring Station is performed through your analogue telephone line in which alarm events are transmitted just like it would happen with a local phone call.
In this case, the communication between your security system and the Alarm Monitoring Station is based on a mobile phone GSM grid.
The communication between your security system and the Alarm Monitoring Station is allowed by an Internet connection (ADSL, Wimax, Optical Fibre, etc.).
Depending on the specific features and requirements of each application, it is possible to choose between a cable- or a wireless system. Each solution introduces their own advantages and disadvantages (cable systems are more reliable and functional but their require pre-installation works and depend on grid power supply, whereas wireless systems are easily installed and can operate without grid supply, but will require a battery change from time to time that will have to be assumed by the owner) and as a result, Red Seguridad will study your personal requirements in order to provide the best solution to you for each application.
Choose perimeter security for your home in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and to identify threats, decreasing delay in response and improving the strategic security planning of the system.
Perimeter security systems increase the protection of people, information or materials by integrating both natural and/or physical barriers and electronic systems in order to detect theft intention and to dissuade intruders from breaking in especially sensitive establishments.


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