RED GESTIÓN Y PREVENCIÓN DE SEGURIDAD S.L., within its scope of surveillance services and protection of property and installation and maintenance of video surveillance systems, and RED CENTRAL RECEPTORA DE ALARMAS, S.L.U., within its scope of services of alarm receiving center, installation and maintenance of security devices, through its quality policy, establishes the following principles of action in terms of management of the organization:

The Management assumes the responsibility and leadership of the Quality Management System and also expresses the commitment to establish, review and compliance with the Quality Objectives and the establishment of a reference framework for monitoring.
The quality in the management and the approach to the fulfillment of customer requirements and all their needs and expectations for the correct and adequate security of them and their properties, as a common task of all members of RED GESTIÓN Y PREVENCIÓN DE SEGURIDADS.L. and RED CENTRAL RECEPTORA DE ALARMAS, S.L.U., so that all areas of the company are committed to the full satisfaction of the customer.
The establishment of a commitment to the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System and the services provided, especially in the following aspects:
Contributing to a safer society through responsible performance of our services.
Management and maintenance of the best and most appropriate material resources, both facilities, detection systems, vehicles, warehouses, and any tool for the safety of our customers.
Instill in our employees a vocation for high quality professional service, friendly and appropriate, allowing us to obtain a leadership position in the market of the Balearic Islands.
Encouragement and control of the training and motivation of all personnel involved in the security service chain, both at operational and administrative level, adapting it to the needs and expectations of the service, for the proper treatment of information throughout the process of providing the service.
Increasing the degree of adaptation to the requirements and needs of our customers, taking into account changes in the economic environment and the opinions revealed in order to respond to the needs detected.
Control and evaluation of the suppliers involved in the service delivery chain, establishing outsourced requirements at the same level as our own.
The maintenance of an organization appropriate to the type of production being developed as a key aspect for the correct provision of the service in an adequate working environment.
The establishment of a commitment to observe and comply with all applicable requirements, legislation and regulations. Considering this point as one of the keys in today’s security sector.

To ensure the achievement of the principles, RED GESTIÓN Y PREVENCIÓN DE SEGURIDAD S.L. and RED CENTRAL RECEPTORA DE ALARMAS, S.L.U., are committed to establish and review objectives and goals related to quality, so that help us to objectively measure the degree of progress at all levels of the organization. The fulfillment of these principles leads the organization to become a sustainable company, capable of satisfying its customers while satisfying the interests of employees, managers and partners, and to provide the market with a reliable and quality security service.

Managing Director

Mr. Ángel Ruiz Fernández

August 16, 2021